Tuesday, April 17, 2007

2007 Season is here!

Hi Scum,

I'm looking forward to reading winning match reports, photos and talk of huge bone crunching tackles on this blog so make sure you all use it when you can.

The chat feature always comes in handy for people talking about the wins, fights, huge tackles, reasons why you missed training or just paying each other out.

I can help out with any website problems or questions even though I'm based in London. If you want to see what kind of crazy shit I have been getting up to check out my other site www.ando1980.blogspot.com. If any of you are coming over at any stage let me know as well.

Ando (ando1980@gmail.com)

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Scum 10 Def Logan City 8

GO SCUM!!! Yep! In 4 Years of trying Scum have never beaten Logan City before … That was until last night.

It was a victory to savour & one that will be remember by all who were there for a long time to scum – Well done fellas!

It was hard going all night; the conditions were slippery at Logan, this would ensure:

  • That the forwards would pack plenty of scrums
  • Contest a lot of line-outs,
  • There was plenty of kicking
  • Our backs were asked to defend all night.

Each of disciplines listed continued to improve throughout the night.

Scums 1st try started from one of the few backline moves that got a chance to get out wide. This is by no means an indication of the skill-level of the game; rather it is merely a reflection that both sides were playing as conditions dictated: tight.

From our own half the ball was pumped down & wide; Chinesey and Sammy were in pursuit, it was 2 on 2 and one of our lads soccered it through.

Our 2nd try in about the 5th min of the 2nd half came as a result of a great scum scrum push that saw the Logan halfback throw a rushed pass to their 5/8th on their own line. Who was on the spot to pick-up the pieces? Our own “main man” although there were many others adding pressure to Logan.

Logan were sitting top of the table, this was a huge effort from Scum, here’s hoping that we can carry this form through the next few weeks over the other 2 top sides.

You little ripper - big effort !

3: Shultzy 2: Daley 1: Cheeza

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Scum Vs Lawlords This match proved to be a much needed confidence builder. After our narrow first round loss to this arch nemesis Scum were keen to avenge and avenge we did. Credit must go to our forwards who tirelessly hammered the Lawlords defence to create some create clean phase ball only to be rewarded with 5 tries (unluckily 3 more). The backs again showed their skillful ability off the back of some hard yakka done by the forwards with Mark (Davo) Davidson returning after a couple of weeks out to score 2 classic wingers meat pies. As for the forwards, special mention must go to our tight five (sorry loosies) for playing like men posessed (aka Leo - who i though was going to explode even before running on). Again, great defence especially by our inside backs and overall well done to the entire team for holding the opposition to nil. Scum 29 - Lawlords 0

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Scum V West

Scum Played out a 5-5 draw last night with Wests. Our home game was moved from South's to west at Towong. Full match report to follow...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Scum Vs Wynnum Friday 16/6/06 The team spirit was high going into this match, with some unfinished business from last weeks shortened game / non game, and it showed both on the field and also on the scoreboard. Scum came away convincing winners 34 - 10. Scoring six tries and two conversions (Don't worry main man, they weren' all the easiest of kicks) - where 3 of the Meat Pies went to Barnsey who showed blistering pace all game around the park! As mentioned in previous weeks there were again visible signs of improvement throughout the side & we can see the quality of the teams' game really deveolping both in the the clear-out at the breakdown and the quality of handling & passing. Whilst these are indeed promising signs, it was fortunate that we got out to such a convincing lead early in the game. However ,there is evidence that there needs to be a bit of work on the teams overall endurance fitness - It’s fortunate that a majority of our points were scored in the first half as the game turned very scrappy in the last 10-15 minutes of the second. A few sides have expected easier games against Scum; I also think we have caught a few teams on-the-hop by starting each game very aggressively. Our performances have been better that our 8th placing on the table, and we are now taking a few points from a few teams; and as our climb up the ladder continues – I don’t believe our opponents will be so complacent. For mine there were a few stand-out moments in the match: 1) Coxy’s hit on a Wynnum player on the sideline – Oh it was huge! (Apparently he's pretty dirty about it) ........too bad!!! 2) BJ aggressively rubbing his own neck against a Wynnum players boot! 3) Sammy's dart down the sideline with NO ROOM somehow managing to keep the ball in play. 3.(MotM) – Coxy (Huge in Defence); 2. Rezo (The Workhorse); 1. Sammy (Keeping the ball alive and taking on the big fellas). Good job boys and keep focused on our rematch with Wests this weeks. Cheers Grunta & Geoffro

Thursday, June 15, 2006

QRU Rip-off Scum!

Stay tuned as Grunter & I continue to take the battle to get the 4 points back that the QRU are attempting to deny us of! Not happy but aint done with yet!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rebel Scum Vs Cromwell Cobras Friday 9/6/2006 This was a game that I was looking forward to. It promised much, and was going to be a relatively good yard-stick for the team management to compare Scum to the 4th placed Cromwell Coboras. Unfortunately this proved to be a hollow victory for Scum who came away eventual winners 17-0 after the referee called the game "completed" 4 mins before the scheduled half time break. there was a back injury requiring ambulance assistance to the Cromwell Tight-head prop in what looked like an innocuous incident between the prop and Shultzy. Scum wishes the Cromwell prop the speediest of recoveries & hopes that no serious injury was sustained by the Cromwell player. There was no malice at any time in the game - it was actually a very quiet start from Cromwell who mentioned afterwards that they had played a very physical encounter with West's the week before. Scum came out of the blocks at pace and had With 3 tries to Davo, Mess and Coxy. We gained alot of field position, yet was surprised that Cromwell employed a "kick-at-all-cost" tactic that meant we had plenty of chances for our backs to counter-attack, and counter they did! Although what ended becoming an eventual victory, this (short) game for me highlighted Scums improvement in and around the ruck contest. This improvement in clear-out & ball retention is leading to much more quality ball to the outside backs. This team will be stronger when we meet them again. I don't think you can read too much into this result. Due to the State of Origin there is no training this week, with this weeks game we have the final match-up for the first round with Scum up against the Wynnum Bugs. The Bugs have their tails up at the moment as they recently upset Redlands in their local derby. I'm expecting a tough encounter up-front but should see a fairly high scoring game as I know both sides have the ability to let it rip out wide. Rebel Scum 17 def Cromwell Cobras 0. MotM: ?

Sunnybank Firestarters Vs Rebel Scum Friday 2/6/06. Scum came into this game following their first win of the season, but no-one was cocky or arrogant, as we knew we had our work cut-out for us against the Wyatt Cup competition leaders. It was a cold night, yet it was a welcome change from the Chipsy-Wood's dustbowl, to be playing on a newly laid pitch at the Dragons lair. Sunnybank looked physically a very imposing side who looked around 20-30Kgs per person bigger across the entire park! But this did nothing to soften the resolve of a Scum side that were willing to put it in 'till the final whistle blew. Scum knew we would have to dig deep for this one as there was only 2 reserves available for Grunter to call upon, in what was going to be a tough/torrid and very bruising affair. From the first scrum, a tight-head against Sunnybank was won by the Scum front row, then the Bankers knew they had an opposition that was not going to roll over and play dead for them. Scum had come and was going to fight every inch of the way! It became immediately obvious from the opening exchanges that the Sunnybank game-plan was centred around continually forcing the phase ball (up to 6 phases) up through the middle of the ruck channels. Scum was ready! The boys stepped up to the challenge and showed that our defence was hardening improving with every game. Yet persistence paid off as the Dragons grabbed first blood in around the 10th minute with a pushover from 5m out. In a surprise to the opposition, Scum was by no means out of the fight and we fired straight back with a snappy back-line move that had Switzy's tree stumps find a hole which found him under the back dot in the 15th min. What endured next could only be described as an arm wrestle between each of the forward packs with Sunnybank scoring twice more from continual pressure on the Scum tryline: both tries coming from forward moves and pushovers. Every time Sunnybank went wide, Scum defence was in their face to cut them down. The 1 on 1 defence was nothing short of outstanding. Half-time time rolled around (17-7), and the scum team looked amazingly bright-eyed & responsive. You could see from the looks on the faces that there was still some fire in this sides' belly & it showed. It now looks as if some of the key combinations are coming together - and it is starting to show on the park. Cheezas communication to the forwards was awe-inspiring, and he was rewarded with a meat-pie late in the second for his efforts. The halves of Coxy & Shultzy are now looking well-oiled. Further outside Barnsey continues to provide plenty of headaches for the opposition, with some arguing that he's actually showing more toe than last year. Once Pezza finds his feet after returning from a shoulder injury this combination will be lethal. Switzy, Andre, Davo & Chinsey are starting to probe for more ball in attack - the more ball in hand these guys get, the more tries Scum will score! Rezo played with plenty of heart on his return from a head injury. Leo & Kel muscled up to a team full of ex-pat countrymen (they were the only 2 that knew how to properly shake hands after the match). Brad Harding looks to have found his starting-spot in the side at loose forward. A huge effort from Chappy just to even make it that night did not disappoint; (& for mine) Scum's most consistent player in the first half of the 2006 season: Al Murphin ensured that this game was a contest to remember. Although the scoreboard probably didn't reflect-it, I walked off playing my first full game in a while with a smile from ear-to-ear: Scum had dug-deep; the spirit shown in this game was something that can carry this team into the second round of the Wyatt Cup and a charge towards the finals. There are some extremely tough opponents ahead - yet Sunnybank are not unbeatable - trust me Grunter & I will be hatching a game plan that could see this side defeated when we meet again later in the year, & maybe (just maybe) in the finals as well!!! Final Score: Sunnybank 22 d Rebel Scum 14. MotM: Cheeza (followed closely by the rest of team). Geoffro & Grunta

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Have you got any old scum photos?

If you have any old scum photos then email them to me for posting: geoffreyday@hotmail.com I think I have one somewhere from our '99 grandfinal win - watch this space!!!

Scum enjoys triple victory!

A very strong effort from the Scum forwards laid the foundation for an out-wide try-fest last night at Chipsy Wood. Scum ended up run-away winners 43-6 over the Lions. It was a victory to remember – our first for the 2006 season! But there was cause for double, no triple, celebration: with Grunter & Shultzy both becoming proud dads through the birth of 2 beautiful baby girls (Reese Meredyth & Mackenzie Shultz) - our fan base is growing!

There was a real sense of jubilation in the sheds with the 3,2,1’s going to: Leo, Astil & Ronnie. I think Astil took out the boat race.

What a night, let me tell you the beer tasted especially sweet after this game.

Tries to: Barnsey, Leo, Chinsey, Leifie, Coxy, Ive missed 2 as there were 7 in total.

There was a “Cameo” performance from Jason Cameron, it has been a long time since we have seen him in Scum colors, but I have a funny feeling we’ll be seeing him back in them more regularly, soonJ

It is Ando’s going away tonight so I expect that the festivities & celebrations will continue at the Story Bridge.

Well played scum. The first victory, many, many more to come!